A4 Business Park

Thousands of square meters. Dozens of desks cramped together in a space accumulated as needed through the years. Over a dozen corridors with empty white walls. Seven storeys. One goal: to transform the residence of one of the best-known IT companies in the world. Artistic freedom? Limited. We could only change the furniture, carpets, and walls. And so, we based the new office arrangement on the walls. Once again, we invited our friends from Studio Bardzo to collaborate on this project. This is how we created the large-scale space branding, which literally rules the entire building. The brand’s characteristic proportions and lines from its brand book found their way onto the murals. They were complemented by the modernist architecture of Katowice. Its geometric forms and the strip window arrangement perfectly reflect the company’s analytical profile and bring into the project a context important for this place. The city’s legendary buildings appear here and there in custom-made illustrations. The wall design, cohesive for the entire office building space, was diversified with colour. Every storey tells its story in its own colours.


office interior


GLOBALWORTH / tenant: IT magnate


A4 Business Park, Katowice


7 330 m2





Team project:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Martyna Słowek,


Studio Bardzo (space branding / wall design)


Stanisław Zajączkowski

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