If you asked what our premise for this project was, we would answer simply: people and plants. In a concept for an IT office, we managed to merge these two worlds. We created an open space that was inviting to work in: green, with natural plant life. Large common tables replaced ordinary desks, the relaxation area took the form of stairs with big cushions, and we placed hanging ottomans in the hall. This is a space where one can work comfortably in any position: sitting, standing, or lying down. We complemented this diversely arranged space with living plants. Large palms stand here and there in wicker baskets, Swiss cheese plant leaves peek out from the shelves, ficus trees grow tall in large pots, and rhododendrons hang from the walls. One can pick fresh herbs from a nearby pot when sitting at the lunch table.


office interior


VASTINT / Eclipse


Business Garden, Wrocław


814 m2





Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Magdalena Plichta, Wojciech Cebula, Szczepan Dejnek

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