Góra Puławska

Our task was to invigorate the social life of a village, and to achieve this by means of one common open area. We created a design for a place that invites, but does not impose. It is intriguing in its architecture and landscape, but not overbearing. And above all, it is diverse. Because if it is common, it must also answer the needs of many different people. So we planned here both an open space with benches, as well as roofed-over gazebos with places to sit, and long benches in the form of stairs. We gave lighting to the entire developement in the form of tall, slender lanterns and in-floor lamps. The light oak wood of the benches was juxtaposed with weathering steel. We strengthened this natural look by planting birch trees and colourful bushes in rows along the benches, and the embankment over the square blooms with flowers. Multi-colour stripes of decorative plants turned it into a living painting.


public space


Puławy Commune




1325 m2


handover complete

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk

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