In the Bocheńska Economic Activity Zone, we designed a single-space production hall with an office building and accompanying infrastructure. The facility will be used for the final assembly of dump trucks and trailers with moveable floors. It was built for the Belgian company, STAS, which specializes in producing self-unloading trailers. We gave the body of the combined building a simple, minimalist shape. The anthracite cladding on the facade gave the hall an austere, yet modern character. In the social and administrative part of the building, we installed office rooms, a conference room and a complex of social and sanitary rooms. We connected the service area communicatively with the production hall. On the site, we designed paved areas providing access to the building, a fire water tank, a retention tank and a transformer station. Seven sectional gates offer logistical support for the hall. By using reinforced concrete girders, we were able to achieve huge spans. This allowed us to maximise the use of available space, which can be further adapted to the current needs of the plant by dividing it into zones. The designed structure would allow the installation of a 3.2t overhead crane.


production building with service part


HRP Sp. z o. o.



Usable area:

1 293 m2


handed over for use

Design team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Robert Świetlik, Karolina Sawicz

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