District Authority Office

The task was to add a new wing to the District Authority Office’s building. We suggested an additional redesign of the elevation of the existing building to make the two parts match visually. We decided on project simplicity and neutrality and created a symmetrical minimalist shape with straight divisions. As a metaphor for the Office’s transparency, we used openwork elevation with multiple glass elements.


public utility building


Wrocław District Authority


Wrocław, Poland


3,950 m2


in progress

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Adrian Bednarczyk, Dorota Waszak-Pieczarka, Karolina Sawicz, Magdalena Plichta

The common denominators in both parts were color and plants. We suggested making the existing building’s face simpler by taking off the linings and introducing a uniform white color. We introduced climbing plants to the new building’s facade to ensure a better temperature balance and lower the AC costs. We added more trees to the entire area, following the trend of eliminating heat islands from cities. In the car parks, we installed rain gardens, which delay the absorption of rainwater into soil. We planted hedges filtering dust pollution. We prioritized plant biodiversity, introducing species preferred by pollinating insects. The buildings became part of the ecosystem.

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