Promenady Wrocławskie

Designing a residential/retail building, viewing it as a new piece of the city, a common space, a social investment – rather than a place where one lives and shops. This was the idea we had in mind when conceptualising the housing estate and surrounding areas. In a simple, regular form, we incorporated references to the industrial traditions of the region. By giving the building a modern shape, we also equipped the space with fresh energy. But the most important challenge of this project was opening the area to the river, nature, and people. In the vicinity of the buildings, we placed a sports park, a small climbing wall, a small skate park, an outdoor gym, and a playground for children. Walking trails and bike paths lead from the buildings directly to the river and green terrains by the Oder.


multifamily residential


VANTAGE Development


ul. Zakładowa, Wrocław


38 000 m2


handover complete

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk

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