Zielone Miasto / Kunickiego

Designing this large housing estate located near a park and a lake, our goal was to create a cosy, neighbourly space, simultaneously private and common. We settled on low buildings along the lines of the urban villa, simple forms, and common courtyards with gardens. In the shared spaces, we included outdoor recreation areas: a playing field, an outdoor gym, a playground for children, walking and jogging trails, and a recreation loop circling the entire estate. In each garden, we planted a different set of plants. Thanks to this, the repetitive rhythm of architecture became varied, and separate building complexes each got their own unique character.


multifamily residential




ul. Kunickiego 59, Wrocław


18 600 m2


handover complete

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Jakub Świtoń, Anna Sobczak

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