Prusa, Phase II

The multifamily building project was created as a continuation of the first phase of the Prusa investment, which was also our design. It was a natural assumption that we would base the shape of the building on the original complex. In the building’s structure, storey arrangement, and balcony placement, we recreated the same architectural rhythm – this time, adding one more storey. We added a unique touch to the building by using a different elevation. The colour palette still resonated with the natural surroundings, but this time without grey. Colours flowed from off-white to beige, from russet to brown. One common denominator with the neighbouring building is the wood lining on the inner wall, a detail that offers anyone viewing the complex from the courtyard a perception of visual completeness.


multifamily residential




Prusa, Puławy


5,000 m2


2018 r.


handover complete

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Wojciech Cebula, Jakub Świtoń, Katarzyna Magiera-Furman

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