Recreation Area Berenta

Once a bustling recreation area with a wading pool. The landscape neglected and falling into disrepair over the years. A place dear to our hearts, close to our former studio headquarters. Even dearer because it was funded from the participatory budget. A place for the city residents, our neighbours. Our task was to bring this forgotten lot to its former glory. Turn it into what it used to be years before – a recreation centre for Wrocław residents. Our approach was functional, dividing the large area into 4 zones. In the children’s zone, we created a playground. Its elements are 5 spatial cubes – each with different functionality. In the sports zone, we planned a multi-function playing field, a fitness area, a volleyball court with turf, and a ping pong table. In the zone for the senior citizens, we placed tables with benches. On the table tops, there are laser-engraved boards for chess, ludo, mill, and backgammon. We transformed the area of the former wading pool into a small city square for local events. In the architecture, simple colours prevail – mainly white. We let nature become the central point.


public space


Wrocław Commune




7399 m2


handover complete

Project team:

Łukasz Reszka, Maciej Kowaluk, Robert Scheitza

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